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Social Impact Fellowship


Pioneering Program

Last summer, 12 pioneering high school participants from Hong Kong, China, and the US were selected to participate in the inaugural CMF Social Impact Fellowship. Based on the overwhelming, positive feedback from Fellows, parents and industry speakers, CMF is excited to embark on year two. 



Differentiate Yourself

Applications are now open for high-achieving students who aspire to be part of the CMF Fellowship program this summer. 

  • 2019 Program Dates: July 1 - July 26
  • Application Deadline: April 5th *
  • Target: students aged 14 and above with fluent English skills

* Students wishing to apply after March 25th should e-mail and prior to applying. Rolling applications will be considered on a space available basis until April 20th 2019.



The CMF Fellowship program brings together CMF nonprofit leadership, Yale University’s model for student-led socially responsible investment and the Hong Kong Business community to create an innovative learning environment where Fellows gain hands-on experience and skills development in nonprofit leadership, investment management and the field of medicine.   The program uniquely offers the opportunity to:

·   Practice thought leadership and business skills needed to run a successful nonprofit 

·   Walk in the shoes of a rural pediatrician and deep dive into global health

·   Cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship

·   Enhance communication and collaboration skills  

·   Gain valuable experience through a rare opportunity to fundraise and manage an Endowment fund


Using Boardrooms as Classrooms, the intensive four-week program includes three weeks of interactive lectures and skills-coaching delivered by over 40 industry professionals and a week in China visiting program sites and hospitals to witness a nonprofit it action.

"This program has an incredibly innovative and interesting model as the foundation places an immense amount of trust on a group of high schoolers to fundraise and invest. Given this privilege, we have the opportunity to do charity on a larger scale and create real change while gaining real-world experience through learning from prestigious figures. The trip to Yunnan had the biggest impact on me. It was one thing to measure CMF’s impact on paper through stories and figures but completely different when I got to see the family CMF has helped and listened to their story in person. This trip not only underscored the significance of CMF’s mission but also motivated us to do more."  Jacquelynn, 2018 Fellow

The idea of a student fellowship in learning about setting up a fund for a social cause is really something that encompasses all the skills that I think are essential in mastering a leadership role in this ever changing and dynamic business world, where “social responsibility” is a growing attribute of businesses hoping to give back to society. Not only is this a program where we learn about financial investments, law, medicine and fundraising, but more importantly all these practical knowledge and skills link to a bigger picture, where we are constantly encouraged to think in a social minded way about how we can employ our resources in creating something that benefits those who are in need within the greater society.”   - Joshua Chen 2018 Fellow

At the end of four weeks, the cohort is responsible for managing their Endowment under the guidance of the Fellowship Investment Committee. 

We look forward to meeting your child through his/her application and to collaborating towards lasting social impact for underprivileged children with urgent health needs.Scholarship bursaries are available for students requiring financial assistance.


For more information, email Madelaine or Christine

Application for 2019 Social Impact Fellowship is now open.

Download the brochure here: English / Chinese